• Bill S2571

    On July 30, 2021, the Flying Tiger Flight 739 Act was re-introduced by Senator Gary

  • Tuesday night reflection: the remains of the US Army Rangers aboard Flying Tiger line Flight739/14

  • Sunday night positive: Warriors and Caregivers United banquet tonight. We were received with genuine warmth

  • Update Senate bill S1891! As of yesterday, the bill has a new Co-sponsor Senator Jeanne

  • Spent time this afternoon researching Senate bill S1891. Signed up to get tracking alerts. Google

  • This afternoon, I Faxed (and FedExed) a twenty page document to the US Senate Committee

  • If I could reach out to every TV media station who shared our story, here

  • Flying Tiger flight 739/14/1962: a friend with mad media skills compiled a list. OUR story

  • Calling this post Exit Stage Left. Began emailing 20 Senators who sit on Committee for

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