Letters and a packet of documents (see Table of Contents here)  sent to Washington D.C. are available for downloading.

You may choose either the FULL packet which includes all 30 letters, as well as the packet of documentation;  OR  choose a smaller version with just your state Senator and your loved one mentioned in that letter.

DOWNLOAD – FULL Packet with ALL Letters

Arkansas –  Senator Tim Cotton
Service Members: Eddie Fred Robinson, Samuel Rogers, Jr.  DOWNLOAD

Arizona –  Senator John McCain
Service Members: Clinton Hoy, Billy W. Mick, and Raymond E. Myers. DOWNLOAD

Colorado – Senator  Richard Blumenthal
Service Members:  Henry Francis “Hank” Biernacki and Charles W. Pardonnet  DOWNLOAD

Georgia – Senator David Perdue
Service Members: Thomas William Baxley, Ernest T. Dixon, John H.H. Jones, Jack E. Lattie, Warren M. Lehmkuhl, Franklin D. McClure, Jack E. Tranum, and Lucius D. Croft.   DOWNLOAD

Hawaii – Senator Mazie Horono
Service Members:  Guy Wicks Kinnison and James Wong.  DOWNLOAD

Indiana – Senator Joe Donnelly
Service Members: Walter A. Reinhardt and James Dale Bowen  DOWNLOAD

Nebraska – Senator Deb Fischer
Service Member:  Tom B. Morrison  DOWNLOAD

New Hampshire – Senator Jeanne Shaheen
Service Member:  Donald A. Sargent  DOWNLOAD

New York – Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Service Members: Robert J. Bako, George W. Bliss, Lawrence A. Fox, Clarence F. Gananca, Jr., Douglas A. Haaf, George M. Slocum, Fred W. Talbot, and James Edward Twitty  DOWNLOAD

New Mexico – Senator Martin Heinrich
Service Member: Roy Edward Greenleaf  DOWNLOAD

Maine – Senator Angus King
Service Members: Frank E. Pelkey and Leonard J. Wedge DOWNLOAD

Michigan – Senator Peters, Senator Stabenow
Service Members: Melvin Lewis Hatt (Lansing), Stanley W. McEntee (Detroit), and James H. Taylor (Olive Branch). DOWNLOAD

Missouri – Senator Claire McCaskill
Service Members: William F. Caseldine, Sidney Lee Grissom, Hubert Lloyd Rice, Leslie J. Roderick, Jr., and Elmer “Buddy” Smith. DOWNLOAD

Senator Thom Tillis
Service Members: Billy J. Atkins and Robert H. Baggett  DOWNLOAD

Oklahoma– Senator James Inhofe
Service Member: Harold Lamonde Curry   DOWNLOAD

South Carolina – Senator Tim Scott, Senator Lindsey Graham
Service Member:  Ross C Walker  . DOWNLOAD

Texas – Senator Ted Cruz
Service Members:  Edward Donald P. Cox, James A. Powell, Efisio Simola, Jr., Clarence Earl Thompson, and John Cabot Wendell.  DOWNLOAD

Virginia – Senator Tim Kaine
Service Members: Richard S. Bayse, Joseph F. Broome, Lindsay K. Hester, Steven Medwid, and George E. Sager.  DOWNLOAD