04 Mar

Feeling Confident

Loved it when it came out. Channeling it today as this flight739-14-1962.com project..no..mission begins to take hold. Making it clear, it’s NOT all about me and mine. 107 families! Across the country weary of excuses, denials and secrets. So many families have tried valiantly, I’m simply trying a different approach. Exceedingly grateful that there are others sending/faxing/emailing support on OUR behalf. Michigan’s governor, American legion posts, legislators. Just the start. The wives/widows are getting older, the children are grown, all having survived the pain of tremendous loss. Let me be clear: We’ve DONE it however our lives turned out. 107 families will NOT go away quietly. I am but one of 107. Ask my husband Bob Cornell, or my siblings Brad Hatt, Sherri-Ann Owen, Debbie Ann Hatt O’Berry. I don’t do quiet well ?

Helen Reddy began performing at the age of four in her…

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