18 Oct


Update Senate bill S1891! As of yesterday, the bill has a new Co-sponsor Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH). Uncle to Don Sargent, and Jennifer Kirk SP4 Donald Sargent was on Flying Tiger line Flight739/14 N6921c. This is good news! Also motivating to keep at the Senate committee for Energy and Natural resources to move this forward!
One day after I signed up to get notices about this Bill. Will be sending Senator Shaheen an email Thank you!

Friday night: thank you email to Senator Jeanne Shaheen (NH) sent. Reached out again to Senator Debbie Stabenow. Reflecting on this flight. Flight739-14-1962.com Flying Tiger line Flight739/14 N6921c.
US Army Rangers from 34 states were on this flight. Our father, Staff Sgt Melvin Lewis Hatt was 36 years old. One of the “old guys”. US Army soldiers stationed in Guam, the Netherlands and Austria were brought back to the States for this mission.
The flight crew, mostly from California were all former military. There was three flight attendants and three South Vietnamese soldiers on board.
More work to be done to get these names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in DC.
What moves me: the families we met last March in DC. Looking at the passenger list. Seeing today that we have a co-sponsor for Senate Bill S1891 Flying Tiger line Flight 739 Act.

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