This is the Table of Contents of the packet that is enclosed with the letter to the twenty-seven (27) members of the United States Senate for Armed Services committee. DOWNLOADS are available here

Letter to Senate Committee for Armed Services Member
Presentation American Legion #269 Haslett Michigan 12/14/2017
Information received by e-mail under FOIA 2018 January
Photos & Documentation for Staff Sargent Melvin Lewis Hatt
Passenger List – Service members and Flight Crew Flight 739/14 1962
Civil Aeronautics Board Aircraft Accident Report – April 10, 1963
E-mail from Donna (Hatt) Ellis to TAPC Officer United States Army requesting IDPF and Change of Casualty Status for Melvin Lewis Hatt – 2001 and response
Newspaper Article – Lansing State Journal Interview Donna (Hatt) Ellis
Newspaper Editorial – Lansing State Journal
Newspaper Article – Stars and Stripes
Newspaper – Bangor News
Reprints transcribed from National newspapers re: Flying Tiger Flight 739/14 1962
Selected Internet articles (see references)