26 Aug

TV Media

If I could reach out to every TV media station who shared our story, here is what I would say.
Alabama: Pvt James Allen Edwards
Arizona: Sgt Clinton M Hoy; Sgt Billy W Mick, SFC Raymond E Myers Tommy Joe Myers
Arkansas: SP4 Samuel Rogers Jr; SP5 Eddie Fred Robinson
Colorado: SP4 Charles W Pardonnet; MSgt Henry Francis Biernacki
Georgia: Sgt Lucius D Croft; Pvt. John HH Holmes; Sgt Warren M Lehmkuhl; MSgt Jack E Tranum; Pfc Thomas Baxley; Sgt Ernest T Dixon; Sgt Jack E Lattie; SP4 Franklin D McClure
Hawaii: SP5 James Wong; SP5 Guy Wicks Kinnison
Kentucky: MSgt William Reeves Jarvis
Michigan: SFC Melvin Lewis Hatt, our father; Pvt Stanley W McEntee, SP4 James Henry Taylor
More states and names added tomorrow to complete the list. In total 107 souls lost. Flight739-14-1962.com Remember their names.

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