11 Mar


Sunday night before DC positive: 30 packets of 174 pages each, labeled for every Senator on Armed Services Committee. Dog tag will go in each one. Hand deliver to 3 different buildings on the Hill. Discover we are 5 copies short. Small bump. Back to Office depot tomorrow. My wonderful husband Bob Cornell helped me label, stuff and stack. He counted after I was convinced I had goofed. PSA: sign of a perfect spouse/partner: willing to look at what you have done, and thinking, agonizing, analyzing before they say “No, it wasn’t you” or “Um..”

Nothing yet on time and location of DC meetings. May have thrown them for a loop.

I will say this again. I am trying a different approach to this mission. I wanted to do this years ago before life took a path I hadn’t planned on. Mark’s failing health, my role as wife changing to major caregiver, and his ultimate passing. Make no mistake, he supported my efforts, and wanted me to finish this. I am blessed with heavenly and earthly support, Mr. Cornell. DC, here we come Tommy Joe Myers, Robert Rogers, Jennifer Kirk, David C Jones, Kimberly Steinman-Elmquist, Catherine Nau, Jim Erjavec.

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