15 Jul

Still Passionate

I could not be prouder or more passionate about this journey. So many families, so many stories. With everything since 9/11, Vietnam remains with us still. To the young ones: the draft is done. Are you short in stature? You were a Tunnel Rat. Had his number come up, Mark would have been a Tunnel Rat. Two of his co-workers were. Envision the worst of what a Tunnel Rat might be, and that’s it. Valerie Foster Moles. Richard Foster, I love you.

One of my sister Caren’s boyfriends went to Vietnam Carol Corts, made it home. Will remain one of my heroes. Rocky Conklin.

Did more audio over the weekend with David C Jones. THAT inspired me again. New ink for the printer. Mailing envelopes for FedEx. Letters in my head. Paper is next.

‘We will not go quietly into this good night’
Over 58,000 names are on the Vietnam Wall. Some as young as 17. Our father, Staff Sgt Melvin Lewis Hatt, was 36 years old.

I will pursue this, tooth and nail, hammer and tongs. I promise.


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