12 Aug

Stars and Stripes

Still digesting the article published about Flight739-14-1962 in Stars and Stripes.


I’ve never asked anything like this before, but if you’ve seen it through my post(s), please share it far and wide. Stars and Stripes is a highly reputable Military newspaper. The more this story gets out, it adds traction to the families in our passion to get the names on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.
I realize, in the age of social media, we scroll past a lot. I hope and pray that y’all actually read it. Your support means everything to the families of Flight739-14-1962.

I never thought that at this stage of my life, I would be a Vietnam war Veteran advocate. We owe them so much from Agent Orange, and the other “Agent Colors. Each one worse than the next” to the aftermath to PTSD. Our Veterans in the ASA, struggling with VA benefits, because ‘they weren’t there ‘.

I can’t do it all at once, but I have found my passion. Gary McCone, ASA, Butch Chavez, Robert Rogers.



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