• Washington D.C. was amazing, exhausting and beautiful. Monday morning on Capitol Hill: delivered packets of

  • Tired. Amazed. Overwhelmed. And just a bit nibbled to death by ducks. A feeling of

  • Monday morning: stop at remaining 4 senators offices to request meetings Tuesday. Afternoon: 1:00 aide

  • Awake early! D.C. bound! Taking ALL of your love, support and prayers with us! I

  • Two evenings with a great band Brenda Loomis band before leaving for D.C. Added another

  • Found this this morning! Is it possible that the service members on board Flying Tiger

  • Blessed that I can make the trip to D.C. blessed that I will have 107

  • Two more meetings scheduled for March 12th in D.C. As David Jones (videographer) said -

  • Tuesday positive: Senators websites all have a meeting request form. Three more sent. Will keep