12 Jan

March 2019

Save the date!

One year ago in March, Bob Cornell, David C Jones, and I were in Washington DC. Meeting with Senators aides in an effort to get the names of Flight739-14-1962 passengers on the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Much has been done. So much further to go

NEWS: planning a reunion of Flight739-14-1962 families and friends in March 2019.

Friday March 15, families gather for memories, chatting, get to know.
Saturday March 16 gathering at The Wall.
Hopefully, Arlington National Cemetery.

In the coming days, I will be sending letters to Senators on the Committee on Armed Services to get meetings with families. Friday March 15 or Monday March 18.

Reunion is timed for the 57th anniversary of the crash of Flight739-14-1962.
To the families: the more research I do convinces me that 93 US Army Rangers were part of the Army Security Agency, hand picked by President Kennedy. Flight crew: former Military. Honorably served. Heroes. Flying Tiger became Air America.

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