11 Mar


Monday morning: stop at remaining 4 senators offices to request meetings Tuesday. Afternoon: 1:00 aide to Perdue (GA), 2:00 Inhofe aide (Ok), 3:00 Stabenow (Mi) aide, 4:00 Kaine (Ga) aide, 4:30 Peters (Mi) aide
1. Request a hearing in D.C. to testify and get other families there in front of the Senate for Armed Services committee
2. Pursue change of casualty status from Army making service members ineligible for recognition on the Wall
3. Request that this case forwarded to President Trump by Armed Services committee
For an exception. It has been done.
4. Question: were these U.S. Army Rangers and flight crew (ALL former military) part of the Army Security Agency and is that part of the problem ? Classified mission.
I’ve laid out the plan to tell you and solidify it in my head.

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