27 Oct

Warriors and Caregivers Banquet

Sunday night positive: Warriors and Caregivers United banquet tonight. We were received with genuine warmth and kindness. The stories shared, the amazing keynote speaker. Veterans supporting each other, as well as acknowledging the caregivers, was an incredibly emotional experience.
It was shared that not everyone who served in Vietnam did so “voluntarily”, i.e. the draft.

Our young men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan did their service voluntarily.
As for me, I was once again convinced, by the people I talked to about our Journey to the Wall that I am on the right path. Families, we are on the right path.

We, as Americans, owe so much to our Veterans. A debt we can never repay.

We met a service dog, 11 year old German Shepherd, Emperor. Bronze star, Purple heart dog. Bred in the Czech republic, his bloodline goes back 600years. First touch, he leaned into me. His owner said that doesn’t happen with total strangers. He senses something special in you. Unforgettable moment

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