• Sunday positive: Veteran's Day. For those who served I thank you. Welcome home. For those

  • Bill S2571

    Honored to have been a Military Officers Association of America dinner meeting tonight. Hand delivered

  • Tuesday not so positive: finally received the report that Maj General U.S.Army was tasked to

  • Thursday morning: scouring the NDAA act 2019 signed into law by President Trump. Amendment to

  • I could not be prouder or more passionate about this journey. So many families, so

  • Leap and a net will appear! Every time our story is seen through fresh eyes,

  • Received results from lengthy FOIA request. Yielded nothing but more boilerplate. B.S. more "suggestions" for

  • With the recent tragedy in our family, I thank you for your love, support and

  • Another update: as a result of the article picked up by the associated press, adult